How it all started?!

Since 2008, the authors have been studying how university students living more than 4000 miles apart use web-based and mobile communication and collaboration tools by placing them as members of international teams tasked to explore current technology trends and deliver an original digital media product that reflects their learning.

Each academic year, the authors adapt the methodology and instructional design of the TalkTech project to reflect current technology trends and tools, creating a learning scenario where students can develop their own digital literacy (D. Andone & Frydenberg, 2014; Frydenberg & Andone, 2015, 2016) and 21st Century skills (Frydenberg & Andone, 2011).

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What we promote?!

  • Intercultural experiencies – trough international, mixt teams. The members of the teams are chosen on subject criteria.

  • International friendships – students are encouraged to engage in  non-related school discussions, as well, and  so, connect on a different level with their team colleagues

  • Diversity – regardless of the type of the interaction, cultural diversity is always present

  • Technology – it is very important to initialize the youngsters in the latest technology trends. You never know in witch of them lyes an innovator.

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Meet Our Team

Diana Andone
Diana Andone Founder
Director @ E-learning Center, UPT
Mark Frydenberg
Mark FrydenbergFounder
Sr. Lecturer of Computer Information Systems,
Director of CIS Sandbox
Bentley University, Waltham, Massachusetts, USA