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Augmented Reality: TalkTech 2016

TalkTech 2016 introduced Augmented Reality (AR), as advances in mobile technologies have enabled new forms of engagement through augmented reality apps in a variety of industries.  Students created an augmented reality experience for their international partners and presented their group’s digital content using ThingLink. Students researched augmented reality creation tools such as Aurasma (now, HP Reveal), Blippar, and Layar to create AR experiences that were representative of the use of AR in healthcare, advertising, museums, education, interior design, training, mapping, sports, gaming, and tourism.  This project, more than any of its predecessors, required the use of mobile devices. Students especially preferred them, rather than laptops, for communicating with their team members. Figure 4 shows a digital experience that one team created to demonstrate how AR might be used in the advertising industry. Scanning a Snapple iced tea bottle with the Blippar app displays links to the Snapple website, social media pages, and nutrition information.

Fig 4. AR Example for Advertising